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  • National Parks in California

    California contains a diverse landscape and is home to many excellent parks run by the National Park Service (NPS). Known for their natural beauty, California national parks are considered some of the best parks in the United States and, some would say, all of North America.
  • Best Parks for Backpacking Big Sur

    Located along the Central California coast between Carmel Highlands and San Simeon, Big Sur dramatically rises from the Pacific Coast, giving visitors a beautiful mix of scenery that cannot be found anywhere else in California. If you're interested in getting out into the backcountry, here's a list of the best parks for backpacking Big Sur.
  • Backpacking in Michigan

    There are several trails that are within a few hours of Chicago and Detroit, making for a pleasant getaway for city dwellers. If you have never explored the many paths of Michigan, consider the state for your next hiking or camping trip. The Peninsula State is the perfect backdrop to an outdoor vacation. Here is some information about some of the best hikes in the state.
  • National Parks in Oregon

    Oregon abounds with beautiful outdoor areas, so many that you may wonder how you'll find the time to see everything. Vast pine forest areas and rocky beaches tell just part of the story about what this majestic state has to offer. Ancient volcanic sites help create beautiful areas to explore. Click to read more about these great national parks in Oregon.
  • National Parks in Florida

    You can find national parks all around the country, but Florida has a different and diverse ecosystem due to its proximity to the water and the equator. Check out these great national parks in Florida and see all the state has to offer.
  • Mastering Your Charcoal Grill

    Grilling is much more than just the preparation of food. To some, it is an art form. With that in mind, people are aspiring to become masters of their charcoal grills and get the art form as close to perfection as possible. Here are tips that you can incorporate to master your grill.
  • Preparing for High-Altitude Travel: How to Deal with Altitude Sickness

    High altitude travel comes with a unique set of risks and requires some additional preparation before setting off. The three main issues associated with traveling at high altitude include a much higher chance of getting sunburned, altitude sickness, and freezing temperatures.
  • Big Sur Camping & Other Lodging Options

    Just a three-hour drive from San Francisco and a six-hour drive from Los Angeles, Big Sur makes for an excellent weekend getaway for hikers, spa enthusiasts, and nature enthusiasts as well. While the parking areas can get a bit overcrowded around holidays and peak season, and the tent cabins leave something to be desired for the prices, there's no taking away the unique aura and magical landscape of this incredible national treasure. Guests are sure to have a great time if they plan ahead and choose their accommodation wisely.
  • Visiting Kyushu, Japan

    Kyushu, the third-largest island of Japan's four main islands (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu), beguiles visitors with its warm climate, beautiful scenery, dynamic and historic cities, and unique natural attractions. The island is just a 110-minute flight from Tokyo or, if you want to take a more scenic route, five hours by train. Here are some of Kyushu's must-see destinations.
  • Camping on the Oregon Coast

    The Oregon coast is one of those hidden gems that doesn't get quite as much attention as its neighboring coast to the south but is no less beautiful and no less thrilling. If you're looking for tent camping along Highway 101 on the Pacific Ocean, look no further as Oregon and its wide array of state parks offer plenty of tent sites, hiking trails, full hookup RV sites for campers, and yurts that will give you beach access. Here's a list of all the best sites for camping along Oregon's coast.
  • Merino Wool: The Best Fabric Known to Man?

    If you are looking for outdoor clothing, you may have seen a lot of talk about merino wool. You might not, however, have heard why merino wool fibers are so special and different. This article walks you through some of the advantages of this material and what makes it unique from other clothing material.
  • 17 Best Backpacking Hacks for 2020 & Beyond

    Here's a list of 17 backpacking hacks we wish we had known before we knew them. We don't recommend digging a hole around your tent, making your own DIY fire starters, or any of that nonsense. These are not life hacks that you can brag to your friends about. These are just simple, straightforward backpacking tips that we think you can use because they've helped us tremendously.