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There's a reason John Steinbeck wrote, in his travel memoir Travels with Charlie: "I'm in love with Montana. For other states, I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love." It's a beautiful state with scenic views, history, and excellent food. However, Montana is more than that, and Bozeman, Montana is one place where you can experience everything that Steinbeck fell in love within one town. From the Bozeman Hot Springs to the Museum of the Rockies, this city has much to offer.

Hiking Trails

Cross-country ski trail through forest.

For the true nature buffs, Bozeman, MT offers stunning trails that everyone can enjoy. Whether you're a novice or you've been hiking for years there are plenty of trails to challenge and delight you. During the winter, try out Beehive Basin Ski Trail for a relatively moderate 5-km trek. Confluence Trail offers an easy hike under a half mile with signs along the way to point out important landmarks and symbols. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can rent an ATV/Snowmobile. There are over 50 trails and hikes to choose from, and no matter which one you choose you're sure to enjoy it.

Fly Fishing

Man holding trout with blue puff coat, fishing net, and tackle box.

Choose from one of the many fishing experiences in Bozeman including Madison-Gallatin Trout Unlimited, a company who's been in business since 1968 helping to give visitors an exciting fishing experience while actively working on conservation efforts, as well. For an in-depth tour of and information about the many well-known rivers, check out Montana Angler Fly Fishing. These are just two of the many experts in town who can help you create the perfect fishing adventure.

Adventure Seeking

Man sitting snowmobile, looking back toward sky as jets fly overhead with sun setting in the distance.

Whitewater rafting, ZipLine excursions, and other adventure tours are available for those who want a bit more adrenaline in their vacation.


Indoor view of art and history museum.

For those who want to dive into the history of Bozeman, Montana, there are plenty of museums and historic sites available for you to choose from. Bozeman is home to the American Computer and Robotics Museum, the Gallatin History Museum, the Museum of the Rockies where dinosaur fans will want to go, the Bozeman Art Museum, and the Children's Museum of Bozeman. Each of these museums has something unique to offer, from prehistoric to fun, technical to history.

Bozeman Hot Springs

Overhead view of frozen lake with cracks throughout ice and leafless deciduous trees on shore; Bozeman, Montana.

There's also the Bozeman Hot Springs, the best natural hot springs in western Montana according to some. It's not quite the Boiling River in Yellowstone National Park, but these indoor pools and outdoor pools are worth a trip if you happen to be in Bozeman for the weekend or even Big Sky, which is just a short trip away on Gallatin Road.

The location has a swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, steam room, and even occasionally live music. The hot springs are located in Four Corners, just outside of Bozeman, MT 59718, and offer a truly unique Montana experience for those visiting from out of town.

There's also Chico Hot Springs and Norris Hot Springs nearby, but a little off the beaten path, if you're looking for more adventure. These hot springs resorts are wet and wonderful and all full of geothermal mineral water for therapeutic effect. Most were established in the late 1800s as settlers moved out west in the hopes of finding gold.

However you choose to spend your time, it's clear that Bozeman, Montana has much to offer, and this list only scratches the surface. You'll find even more to love about Bozeman in the charming mountain community, from amazing food to outdoor adventure. It's all waiting for you in Bozeman, Montana.

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Konnichi wa / Great Outdoors

April 29, 2019 — Konnichi wa