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A kamikaze shot is a popular vodka shot that has some alcohol, usually vodka or tequila, and equal parts orange liqueur, and fresh lime juice. The original recipe, legend has it, was born on an American military base, probably a naval base, after WWII.

The shooter even inspired a kamikaze drink recipe, the kamikaze cocktail, which is equal parts vodka, orange liqueur, and lime juice, and is often cited as a favorite cocktail or beach cocktail. As well as the blue kamikaze shot, which is made with Blue Curacao instead of orange liqueur and is something you might find at a pool party being consumed in a conspicuously quick way among friends.

The word "kamikaze" derives from Japanese language meaning “divine wind” and was first used to refer to Japanese pilots who flew their planes into American ships during World War II.

Watch this video on how to make a blue kamikaze shot!

How to make a kamikaze shot

Original Kamikaze Recipe


  • Vodka
  • Orange liqueur (triple sec)
  • Fresh lime juice (freshly squeezed is best, but bottled will do if it's all you have at hand)
  • Ice cubes
  • Lime wedge (optional)


  1. Combine ingredients two parts vodka (2 oz.), one part orange liqueur (1 oz.), and one part lime juice (1 oz.) in a cocktail shaker full of ice.
  2. Mix vigorously until well shaken.
  3. Pour liquid into shot glass and serve with lime wedge.
  4. Please drink responsibly.

Final thoughts on the kamikaze shot

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Konnichi wa / Great Outdoors

September 01, 2021 — Konnichi wa