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The state of Oregon is a beautiful place to live. From the area's natural beauty to its stunning landscapes, there’s no denying that this part of the country has some serious charm. But all good things come with their fair share of bad and there are plenty of downsides to living in Oregon too. In this article we will explore both sides so you can decide if it’s right for you!

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Overall statistics

Population: 4.2M

Summer Temperature: Average high of 81⁰ F from June through August

Winter Temperature: Average low of 11⁰ F from December through February (average high of around 30⁰ F)

Typical Home Value: $468,953

Median Household Income: $62,818


Outdoor Recreation is easily the biggest benefit of living in oregon

If you love spending time outdoors then this area will quickly become your new best place place on earth. The state offers not only some amazing ski resorts during wintertime but also lush forests perfect for hiking, mountain biking and boating during warmer seasons. Whether you’re into cycling or kayaking there are plenty of places to explore in Oregon that will leave you with memories for a lifetime!

There are over 70 national and state parks scattered throughout the state which means outdoor enthusiasts have many different options for exploring nature. The most famous one has got be Crater Lake National Park (which is home to the deepest lake in the country!) though due to its stunning beauty. From lava fields around 900 years old to caves filled with picturesque waterfalls - this park really does have it all! If you enjoy spending time outside then no matter what season it is you’ll find something to love about Oregon. There's also the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which has incredible views and is also quite popular!

The Oregon Coast along the Pacific Ocean is also perhaps one of the best coasts in the country with stunning views along the shore line and many parks that offer hiking, biking, camping, etc.

Willamette Valley is home to Oregon's largest cities along the I-5 corridor, including Portland, Salem, and Eugene. The valley has a population of over two million, with an average income of $44,000 per annum. Over 95% of the residents live within ten miles from the rivers, including the Willamette River, and streams that run through the valley and provide fresh drinking water for urban communities as well as rural farming communities throughout this region. Many choose to retire here due to its temperate climate and active lifestyle opportunities including hiking trails, golf courses and biking paths along both sides of the waterways that flow through town. Being on either side of Mount Hood also provides spectacular views year round - even more so than those seen at Crater Lake National Park which include snow covered mountains in winter months! The valley is also one of the top wine-growing regions in the country and home to some incredible wineries!

the Mild Climate doens't hurt either

The weather in Oregon is famous for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest one is that it’s almost always perfect. Because of its location near the Pacific Ocean, there are very few days where temperatures drop lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit (or about +25 Celsius) and even fewer when they reach above 90 F (32 C). This makes for a comfortable environment year round with plenty of sunshine to boot!

did i mention there's No State Sales Tax?

Many people choose to move from other states into Oregon because of this reason. In most places you have to pay a sales tax on everything you buy but in the state of Oregon this is not the case! As long as your purchase does not include services like haircuts or vehicle repairs then there will be no extra fees added onto it, which makes living here that bit more affordable.

it has One of the Lowest Carbon Footprints among U.S. states

Oregon is one of the most eco-friendly states in America and has recently been named as having one of the lowest carbon footprints per person than any other U.S. state. Because of this you can expect to be surrounded by clean air, renewable energy, fresh drinking water. and a host of other natural resources that are going to make living here an absolute dream!

the people are Happier

Oregon is also home to some of the happiest people in America thanks to its laid-back lifestyle, active population and plentiful outdoor activities! In fact it’s been ranked as having one of the most satisfied populations both overall but specifically due to recreation opportunities. That means you can expect not only gorgeous views from your back garden but also plenty of things to do when you want an escape from work or just need time out from everyday life - whether that be kayaking down a river or cycling through lush forested areas while admiring beautiful wildflowers everywhere around you.

Oregonians seem to be a pretty happy bunch and it’s not hard to see why! With so many incredible features of the state at your fingertips there’s never going to be a dull moment here, especially if you love being active in nature or need an escape from city life once in awhile. In fact, this place could potentially make even the most stressed out people relax for hours on end without any problems whatsoever - which may well put a smile back on their face that they thought was long gone forever!

there are plenty of Sports Teams

The state is home to one major league sports team, the Portland Trail Blazers. The city also hosts some minor-league teams in baseball and ice hockey. Portland has an NBA basketball arena known as Moda Center which plays host to many of their games throughout the year! However if you want a bit more diversity then you’ll be happy to know that there are also local minor-league clubs playing for both soccer (Portland Timbers) and ice hockey too - potentially giving everybody something they can get behind when it comes to watching live sport! Not only this but since 2010 Oregonians have been able to see professional women's soccer on top of all these other options with the introduction of Thorns FC who play out of Providence Park Stadium. And if you're a football fan, Oregon University and Oregon State University often have great teams!

and Wine and Beer!

Oregon is also famous for its wineries (particularly in the Willamette Valley) and breweries. There are many different kinds of wines that you can try out here - Oregon pinot noir, however, is one of the most well-known ones! As for beers: there are many breweries in Portland and throughout the stte that have won several awards over the years! They're worth checking out if you like craft brews!


However, it can be an Expensive State...

Oregon is also known for being an expensive state to live in due to the housing costs, with the median home price sitting at $510,000 according to Redfin and the typical home value at $470,000 according to Zillow. The housing market is also growing quickly wit the typical home value rising 20.7% over the past year according to Zillow. With the median household income sitting at just over $60,000 annually (with an average salary of about $31,000 per person) this can make it difficult to afford living expenses if you don’t have a good paying job or are struggling financially since many people who move into this area haven’t lived here long enough yet to establish permanent roots within their community.

This isn't all bad news though! Jobs are not easy to get but there's something called Oregon Promise that helps students who work while attending college so they can graduate debt free and give them time afterwards to save up money before starting their careers after graduation! Also, food prices are about average compared to other states in the US.

... and the winter months are brutal

Don’t let the perfect weather conditions fool you into thinking this is a flawless place to call home! There are some downsides too - including winter months where heavy rain and potential flooding can occur due to an abundance of rainfall throughout much of the year. This makes for potentially dangerous situations in areas with poor drainage which could lead to injuries or even death if precautions aren't taken.

The weather is rather cold and wet for a good portion of the year, although snowfall is rare in most parts of Oregon compared to other regions that see major winter storms every year. There are also occasional earthquakes which cause damage each time they happen.

Although it doesn't snow often in Oregon, when it does fall expect to be stuck inside your house until everything thaws again (which could take up to three weeks!). The state receives almost double the amount of annual rainfall than any other part of America on average - this can make it difficult to plan activities during the winter months.

Another downside is summertime wildfires which regularly cause widespread destruction, but there are safety measures put in place by Oregon Fire Management Services that help keep everyone safe! For example, they have a website that’s updated daily with the latest information on the status of a wildfire and advise residents to follow their Twitter account for additional updates.

Public Education isn't the best

Oregon ranks in the lower quintile for K-12 public education according to Wallet Hub, coming in at 42nd overall - just behind California and just head of South Carolina. However, higher education does seem to be better as U.S. News ranks it as 23rd overall, so roughly middle of the pack.

and neither are the High Taxes

Be sure you have a high income before moving here or else your savings will be quickly eaten away by hefty monthly bills. There is also no state sales tax so all of these expenses are directly passed onto residents meaning that they pay even more than most areas in America do for their goods and services in the form of other taxes. If you move into Oregon, be prepared!

Job Opportunities & Starting Salaries can be a challenge

The job market is very limited here so it can be difficult to find a good career if you move without having secured employment already. Make sure you have enough money to last at least six months after moving before looking for work!

Starting salaries tend to be lower than the national average due to the fact that there aren't very many big companies with headquarters located in Portland (the largest city). While students get paid less on average if they work part-time while studying at university, some people transfer from other states and take jobs in a city that pays better.

oh, and by the way... you could Possibly be Exposed to the Worst Natural Disaster

Oregon has the potential to be exposed to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. According to Oregon State University (OSU), there are 45 potentially active volcanoes in the state of Oregon. The last major earthquake that occurred was on September 20th 1993 which measured a magnitude of at least seven points with an epicenter south-southeast of Portland near Cascade Locks, according to OSU. Since this is still considered recent it would be easy for another earthquake measuring over eight points to happen again within our lifetime - or later today, because we never know when something may occur until it happens; you can’t predict these things. Also, if one were around during this time they might have experienced some type of damage whether its minor or major. OSU also says that there is a 37% chance of the Cascadia Fault Line to have an earthquake within 50 years, so people who live in Oregon may experience this type of event at any time and it would be potentially devastating.

Homelessness is a real issue

Homelessness is a problem that needs to be addressed in Oregon because there are many people who live on the streets and suffer from mental health problems or addiction issues. And while there are many health services and human services to help, there aren't enough shelters for everyone here so it can sometimes feel like you're living next door to someone with no roof over their head!

These days there have been more efforts made by both the government and local communities to help those in need and somewhat alleviate the issue. Be sure to keep an eye out for any homeless shelters or soup kitchens that are being run in your area so you can help those who need it the most during these cold winter months!

and Traffic is bad

Traffic in Oregon can be bad during rush hour, but the public transport is very good in most areas. The Portland metro has a large network of buses and trams which cover almost all parts of downtown for free - they're frequent too so you shouldn't have to wait more than ten minutes at any stops!

Portland also offers light rail services that head north into Vancouver across the border in Washington State as well as east towards Gresham and even further East still through Clackamas County. If this sounds like something that would interest you then it's worth looking into before moving here to get an idea about how much it will cost each month on average if you intend on using these daily or multiple times per week.

Best Cities to Move to in Oregon

OK, if you've made it this far, you know that Oregon is still a great place to live and there's nothing I can say to dissuade you. So, here are a few cities to consider for your move...


Population: 645,000

Average Home Price: $557,000

Median Salary: $35,459

One of the greenest cities in the United States, Portland easily stands out as Oregon's biggest city and one of its most popular. Not only does it have many different things going on throughout the year such as cultural events and festivals, there are also plenty of restaurants and bars where locals go out drinking with new friends or old family members after work in evenings!

Not to mention that by living close (or even within) city limits transportation is very good meaning owning a car isn't necessary unless you need access to other parts further away! You can get around using public transport which we talked about earlier in the article if interested - just make sure you ask your landlord what kind of parking there is when signing any rental agreements.

Portland is an easy place for new residents to settle down!


Population: 168,000

Average Home Price: $492,500

Median Salary: $25,409

The first pro of living in Eugene, Oregon is that it's very fun. There are lots of things to do which ranges from shopping at the mall, hiking on trails and mountains nearby or even just hanging out with friends.

People also really enjoy the coffee scene here as there are many different shops to choose from all around town.

Additionally, some people may like attending sporting events such as Ducks football games every Saturday during fall season! This draws more tourists who come visit our great city so they can be apart of this ritualistic tradition held by locals before each game.

Other than enjoying yourself within your free time doing activities you love most, you will find the cost of living rather cheap compared to other cities across America but still within the state. This is a great place for those who are looking to save money and enjoy themselves!

However, as much as Eugene has its fun side, it also has downsides too so you have to be aware of your surroundings by being cautious where you go at night if walking alone or not letting strangers into your car no matter how good their intentions seem. Unfortunately there's been many cases from local news about people going missing around certain parts of town that aren't safe due to high crime rates in these areas.

Therefore, even though this city may appeal with all types of unique qualities such as live music playing on street corners sometimes during weekends and festivals happening every now and then throughout the year--there's always an underlying issue with crime that needs to be considered before moving here.

So, this is why it's important to take all of these factors into consideration when deciding whether or not Eugene is the right place for you!


Population: 94,000

Median Home Price: $837,450

Median Salary: $32,570

Bend, OR is a great city and many people love living there. The climate and the atmosphere of Bend are perfect for those who enjoy spending time outdoors all year-round. On top of everything else, Bend offers plenty of employment opportunities as well as housing options both affordable and luxurious alike.

However no matter how lovely this city may be one must always acknowledge its downsides before making any final decisions about moving there or not – which we will do now shall we? First off lets talk about winter weather since that’s what most people find to be a deal breaker. There are only about 20 days of actual winter weather here, but don’t let that fool you – it can still be extremely cold.

Winter in Bend may last for a short time, but it is very intense and so the months between November to March tend to bring with them sub-zero temperatures most often during nightime.

Summers aren’t too bad though usually remaining warm enough throughout the day… although there have been some hot days getting up into triple digits! Additionally because this region doesn't get much rain at all summertime brings long periods of drought leaving wells dry causing water restrictions everywhere - which isn't something anyone wants to deal with especially since outdoor activities like camping become almost impossible due to how dusty everything gets from lack of water.


Population: 170,000

Median Home Price: $399,900

Median Salary: $28,165

Salem Oregon is located in the heart of Willamette Valley. With a population of over 150,000 people Salem provides all the necessities to live comfortably while still having access to plenty of outdoor activities with an average annual temperature around 64 degrees. Although it’s not on the coast there are many things that make this city very livable including its proximity to mountains for skiing or snowboarding during winter months.

Final thoughts on living in Oregon

Hope you enjoyed this article on living in Oregon!

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