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Are you looking for a new beach destination? Montauk on Long Island is the perfect spot to escape New York City and enjoy a quick getaway. Whether you're in search of an isolated beach or a bustling town, Montauk has it all! In this article, we'll be going over the best things to do when visiting Montauk for your next vacation.

Montauk is a popular vacation spot for New Yorkers in search of an escape from the city, but is also a great travel destination for anyone across the United States. The town offers plenty to do and see with outdoor activities, shops, bars, restaurants, etc., but it also has beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean that are perfect for relaxing or playing games during your day at the shore. In this article, we'll be going over the best things to do when visiting Montauk for your next vacation!

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Things to do in Montauk

Map of things to do in Montauk:

Block Island Ferry

The Block Island Ferry is a great way to get from New York City or Montauk to the small island of Block. The ferry leaves out of both ports throughout the day and takes only 90 minutes for passengers to reach their destination, where they can explore its beautiful beaches, trails, lighthouses, restaurants, shops etc. There are also plenty of tours on offer that go over all there is to see during your time on Block Island! If you're looking for an alternative route between NYC and Montuk besides flying via airplane or driving along I-95 then definitely consider taking this unique ferry ride instead - it's sure to be one trip you won't forget!

Ditch Plains Beach

Ditch Plains Beach is home to some amazing views and unique attractions. Located directly next door to Navy beach, Ditch Plains has its own boardwalk area where people can hang out with friends/family while walking along the ocean's edge or enjoying the view - it makes for quite an experience especially when there are coming in off-shore as well! There are also some food options available, but it's best to bring something with you if possible.

Montauk Brewing Company

Montauk Brewing Company is a great spot for anyone who loves visiting breweries. This microbrewery offers small samples of their different beers so you can try something new before committing to one! There are also plenty of food options available if you get hungry during your time here, but make sure that you call ahead because this place gets packed even on weekdays!.

Kirk Park Beach

Kirk Park Beach is one of Montauk's most popular beaches because it's secluded from the rest of the town. Located on Fort Pond, Kirk Park Beach offers plenty to do for families with children who love playing in sand and water! There are also picnic tables available under trees where you can stop by during your day at the beach or even pack a lunch if you plan to spend an entire afternoon here - there's nothing better than having food right next to the ocean while admiring its beauty! This particular part of Montauk has many different activities year round including festivals, events, etc., that make this town perfect for visiting anytime throughout the year.

Visit The Hither Hills State Park Campgrounds (Restricted)

The Hither Hills State Park is a great place to explore if you want some time away from the city. They have several trails and even remote campgrounds (which require proper clearance) so feel free to bring your hiking shoes along with you!

Visit The Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum & Montauk Point State Park

Built in 1868, this is the oldest lighthouse in New York state and was used as a signal tower before becoming functional like it is today. Located downtown next to East Lake Drive, admission is free (but there's a gift shop!) and there are several trails (including cross-country skiing trails for the winter!) in the area which are the perfect place to take in this historic Montauk lighthouse and all of Montauk's beauty.

Explore Camp Hero State Park (restricted)

Camp Hero State Park is a large area that used to be an old military base back in the day, but now it's open for everyone to enjoy. There are several trails here as well as beach access points so bring your camera along with you - just keep in mind that this location also has restricted areas which aren't part of the trail system and shouldn't be entered without proper clearance first!

Enjoy Dinner at The Lobster Roll

This is a great spot if you're trying to get in some seafood before heading out for the evening. Located on Montauk Highway it's one of our go-to spots when we want something quick and filling - they also have outdoor seating so don't hesitate to sit outside during nice weather! They are known for their lobster rolls, but there are plenty of other options available as well. Don't forget about their delicious dessert menu either!

Visit Fort Pond Beach for some Surfing!

Montauk is home to some fantastic surfing spots, but for those who are less experienced - or simply prefer swimming over riding waves - there's a place called Fort Pond Beach. This spot has lifeguards on duty so you can relax knowing that someone will be watching out!

Lake Montauk

Lake Montauk is a great spot for anyone looking to get away from the busyness of Montauk's main beaches. Located in between Napeague and the town, Lake Montauk offers plenty of activities besides swimming including fishing, paddleboarding/kayaking etc. For those who want to stay active while at the beach there are also tennis courts located on site that people can rent out during their time here! If you plan to visit this part of Long Island then definitely consider stopping by Lake Montuk next - it's one of the most peaceful places in all of New York where you can enjoy your day with family or friends!.

Gurney's Montauk Resort

Gurney's Montauk Resort is a great spot for anyone looking to relax and escape the busyness of New York City. This luxury resort offers plenty in terms of activities such as golfing, swimming, playing tennis etc., but also has several indoor establishments including shopping arcades, restaurants with delicious food options (including Gourmet Garage), bars and much more! It's perfect for family vacations or couples who want an easy getaway from Manhattan without having to deal with any hassle!

Navy Beach

Navy Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Montauk because it's known for having some of the cleanest waters on Long Island. Located right next to Ditch Plains, Navy Beach boasts over 100 acres worth of beach space where you can relax during your time at this part of town! There are also several food options available including burgers/chicken sandwiches and much more if you get hungry or thirsty during your day here.

Montauk Yacht Club

Montauk Yacht Club is a great spot for anyone who loves boating and water sports. Located in Montuk, this yacht club has their own marina where people can rent out boats or kayaks to explore the Atlantic Ocean during your time at the beach! There are also plenty of activities available such as fishing, scuba diving etc., so if you're looking for something fun and exciting then definitely consider stopping by here!.

Gosman's Dock

Gosman's Dock is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. This dockside restaurant has plenty of seafood options so you can grab something to eat while also enjoying the beautiful view! There are also some entertainment possibilities available such as boat rentals, fishing trips etc., but they tend to get booked up pretty quickly - make sure that you plan ahead if this sounds like it'd be right up your alley!.

Deep Hollow Ranch

Deep Hollow Ranch is a great spot for anyone looking to escape the busyness of city life. This ranch has activities available year round including horseback riding, cow milking and even pumpkin picking during certain months! There are also some eateries on site where you can refuel if your energy gets low - it's perfect for families who want to get away from their everyday routines!.

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is a great destination for those who want to enjoy some unique activities. This beach has plenty of unique things such as dune boarding and surfing, but can also be really fun during low tide when you can walk out on the sandbars! Visitors need to bring their own equipment if they plan to try any of these activities though - there aren't many stores nearby that sell them and rentals are limited (especially in off-seasons).

Montauk Harbor

Montauk Harbor is a great spot for anyone who wants to enjoy the water. This marina has plenty of places where you can either take out your own boat or rent one from an expert and explore the surrounding river and coastline - jet skis, kayaks etc., are all available here! There's also some entertainment options such as fishing trips so it makes for quite an experience if this sounds like something that might interest you!.

Shadmoor State Park

Shadmoor State Park is a great place for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This park has plenty of trails that are perfect for people who want to enjoy some hiking or just take in the scenery, but it's also possible to fish here (if you get proper permits) so this makes it ideal if you're looking for something fun and relaxing! There aren't many places nearby where food can be purchased though - make sure that you pack your own snacks beforehand!.

The Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge is a great spot for those who want to enjoy some drinks and entertainment. This popular bar and restaurant has plenty of TVs inside so you can watch whatever sport is on while also grabbing something to eat! The food options here are delicious, but be sure that you call ahead if your group gets too big - the bartenders aren't very good at accommodating large parties (especially during peak hours).

Additional things to do in Montauk

Visit a Local Marina

Montauk has many marina's where you can sit back and enjoy the company of locals. The best part is that they're almost always dog friendly! You'll find everything from bars to restaurants, all with stunning views over looking the water. Look for discounts on local coupon sites before heading out.

Go Fishing

If fishing is one of your favorite hobbies then you will be in heaven here! There are plenty of businesses who offer boat rentals or tours so don't hesitate to check them out when planning your trip - feel free to even bring your own equipment if you have it! Just make sure both yourself and any guests know how to operate a motorboat safely beforehand as there aren't many beaches to dock along the coastline.

Check Out Main Beach

This is a great spot if you're looking for something more secluded! It's located at the very end of Ditch Plains - just follow it all the way down until you reach an area that doesn't have many homes lining the beach. You'll find plenty of sand, but also rocks so be careful about where you step! There are no lifeguards here either so keep your eyes on kids at all times.

Enjoy A Sunset Cocktail

One of our favorite things to do at sunset is grab a cocktail and head down to one of Montauk's many docks or marinas - if your hotel allows it that is! It doesn't get much better than watching the sun set over the water while enjoying an ice cold drink by your side, but be sure to keep an eye on children around boats as they have been known to crash here from time to time. If this isn't allowed at your current place of stay feel free to check out Main Beach which has plenty sand space for everyone who wants a front row seat during sunset. There are always people walking along the water here as well so you'll have plenty of company!

Go for a Run

If running is your thing then be sure to bring some sneakers with you. There are many trails located within the town that run along the waterfront, and thanks to their small size they're perfect for those who want a quick jaunt before heading out on the town. This blog post contains 18 things to do in Montauk - keep reading below for more content!

Go Hiking

Speaking of trails, another fun thing to do is go for a hike! There are plenty in and around Montauk so take your pick. If you're looking for something challenging make sure to check out the cliffs at Camp Hero State Park - this would be a great spot if you want an adventure but don't have kids with you as there isn't much room along these edges.

Browse The Local Boutiques & Shops

Montauk is filled with cute boutiques of all kinds so be sure to check them out when you have a little more time on your hands! Most are located along Montauk Highway, but there are a few that stand alone as well. It's also worth mentioning that many of these shops offer local discounts if you ask about them - this blog post contains 18 things to do in Montauk after all!

Have Breakfast on the Pier

Just a short drive from Main Beach is Montauk's most famous pier. If you're in the mood for something light before heading out on your day feel free to grab a pastry or some fresh fruit - they have plenty of options at this place! Just watch out if it's raining as there isn't much shelter along the boards, but we've never seen them close down due to weather so don't let that stop you from enjoying breakfast here when possible.

Watch a Baseball Game at Andre Reed Stadium

Montauk has a local little league team that plays throughout the summer. It's nothing fancy, but it is fun to watch! There are also plenty of restaurants nearby where you can grab some food while catching an afternoon game - this blog post contains 18 things to do in Montauk after all!

Go on a Kayak or Paddle Board Trip

Before heading out for the day be sure to check with your hotel if their beach allows kayaks and paddle boards. This will allow you to explore more freely as they come in handy during low tide when there isn't much access along the water frontage due to seaweed build up from high tide. You'll have plenty of time before sunset so don't worry about having enough time to go out and enjoy a kayak or paddle board trip!

Take A Sunset Cruise

As the sun begins to set over Montauk you'll see why this is such a popular activity. There are several companies that offer sunset cruises for those who want to take in the views from the water, but we recommend going on your own personal boat if possible - just be sure not to disturb other boats along the way by keeping at least 100ft away while traveling between land and sea. This blog post contains 18 things to do in Montauk after all!

Visit a Local Winery

Montauk has two wineries located within its borders where you can taste their wines before deciding which ones will make it home with you. Both wineries offer fantastic views of the ocean and allow you to relax with a glass - don't forget your ID as each place has their own rules about who is allowed in!

Grab Some Ice Cream at Amagansett Sea Salt

Amangansett Sea Salt is known as one of the best ice cream shops in Montauk and we definitely recommend giving it a try if possible. They have flavors ranging from black raspberry to blueberry cheesecake and everything in between! If this blog post contains 18 things to do in Montauk after all!

Camp out under the stars (Restricted)

The Hither Hills State Park is also known for their remote campgrounds which are only available by reservation and require clearance, but we recommend going there anyway just so you can relax and enjoy sleeping outside away from city lights. Just keep in mind that this location isn't part of the main park system and doesn't have lifeguards on duty - make sure not to disturb wildlife while camping as well!!

Go on a Scenic Bike Ride along the Montauk Trail!!

Montauk has a fantastic bike trail that runs along the entire coastline! You can either rent your own or bring one with you if it's an option. This blog post contains 18 things to do in Montauk after all!

Watch an Outdoor Movie Under the Stars at East Hampton Indoor Theater

The East Hampton Indoor Theater is the place to be on a warm summer night. They offer an outdoor movie experience that can't be beat with food and drinks served before the show begins!

Final thoughts on things to do in Montauk

Hope you enjoyed this article on things to do in Montauk!

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