Unique Vacations to Go on This Year & Beyond: Rich blue waves crash against rock south of Perth, Australia.

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On your next vacation, if you want to get away from the tourist crowds, avoid the travel agency, the river cruises, and the cruise lines. If you're seeking new horizons and original adventures beyond just the Caribbean, consider these four unique vacations to go on this year and beyond.


Man runs on road toward Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia.

Marvel at the towering icebergs of Torres del Paine National Park, take a train trip across endless steppes, catch a cruise to Antarctica, or just savor the feeling of getting away from it all when you travel to remote Patagonia, at the southern tip of South America. Travel here can be rugged, but there are also luxury lodges that allow you to experience Patagonia's majesty in comfort. The Patagonian summer, from December to February, brings long days and the best weather for excellent outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and horseback riding. During the winter, visitors can ski. This is one of the great, unique vacations to go on this year or any, so start planning you next trip right now.


Large Mosque towers over visitors in Uzbekistan.

Today, many people would be challenged to find Uzbekistan on a map, but this Central Asian country was for centuries a cosmopolitan crossroads at the heart of the Silk Road. These days, Uzbekistan is far off the beaten path. However, travelers who make the effort to come to this former Soviet republic can visit legendary cities such as Samarkand and Bukhara, which are renowned for their many stunning and excellent examples of Islamic architecture. According to local tourism experts and tour operators, the best times to visit Uzbekistan are in the spring and fall, but budget travelers who are willing to brave the area's cold will find savings on accommodations during the winter. Whenever you choose to visit, it's clear that this is truly one of the remarkable vacations to go on anytime of year.

Perth, Australia

Bluish-green waves crash against the beach in Perth, Australia.

With just over two million people in its metropolitan area, Perth, in the state of Western Australia, is the most isolated city of its size in the world. Perth's remoteness means that it's often overlooked as a tourist destination. However, this laid-back city, which has a cosmopolitan population and is well-served by air links to other parts of Australia, is no sleepy outpost. Tourists and locals alike enjoy Perth's golden beaches, sunny weather and nearby wineries. Plus, Perth's Mediterranean climate keeps temperatures moderate year-round, which makes this one of the great vacations to go on anytime of year.

Saint Helena

Plane lands on airstrip in Jamestown, Saint Helena.

Saint Helena, in the South Atlantic Ocean, earned its fame for being the home in exile of Napoleon. Today, this volcanic island between Africa and South America attracts travelers who are intrigued by its isolation, natural beauty and unique wildlife. The journey to the island is an adventure in slow travel, as it involves a five-day passage from Capetown, South Africa, on the British cargo ship, St. Helena. Although an airport opened on the island in 2016, there are no commercial airlines that serve Saint Helena yet, so the island remains a choice destination for those who want to evade the tourist hordes, but this only furthers the case for making this one of the world's truly unique vacations to go on anytime of year.

Final Thoughts

Dock to blue house stretches across water in Perth, Australia.

If you want to avoid the travel agents, travel counselors, and travel companies as well as the classic family locations like Disney or classic American locations like New York in the United States, but still discover your dream vacation at excellent destinations around the world. If last minute deals on www.vacationstogo.com from Alan Fox aren't for you and you'd rather shy away from the Royal Caribbean cruise deals to Alaska and the all-inclusive resorts, then check in to some of these incredible locations where you'll miss out on the vacation packages and cruise ships, but may be surprised that the best prices and best locations aren't hard to find.

Whether you live in Houston or Chicago, San Francisco or New York, if you want to vacation on a remote island, find a new beach or hiking trail, or explore an ancient or modern city, these four destinations are sure to offer many original travel experiences.

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May 01, 2019 — Konnichi wa