MaxiHealth K2 Infused with D3 | Konnichi wa
MaxiHealth K2 Infused with D3 | Konnichi wa
MaxiHealth K2 Infused with D3 | Konnichi wa

MaxiHealth K2 Infused with D3

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Brand: Maxi Health


  • MOST VITAMIN K2 SUPPLEMENTS are poor-tasting synthetic MK-4 which doesn't stay in the blood long, leading many to wonder if their supplement is even working. Our dietary supplement is made with MK-7 Menaquinone, the natural version that stays in the blood all day. We fused the two most potent nutrients for immune system support, muscle strength, and maintaining strong bones. Imagine DOUBLE the power for healthy teeth, bones, and heart with NONE of the aftertaste.
  • TIRED OFTEN? FEELING WEAK? Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more of a problem with busy indoor schedules, religious dress requirements, and more time spent at computers than ever. A vitamin D3 supplement ("the sunshine vitamin) helps to support blood vessels, strengthen bones, and boost energy levels. Help yourself feel your best again with regulated calcification and cardiovascular support!
  • TIRED OF BITTER-TASTING, HARD-TO-SWALLOW TABLETS? Our DK2 liquid is an easy-to-swallow K2/D3 supplement that is taken in small liquid drops for the best absorption possible. Now you can have strong bones and a healthy heart without having to take a nasty medicine. Looking for vitamin d3 supplements for kids that are picky? Your search is over.
  • LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST: The teeth, heart, skin, and bones are vital to feeling and looking great. A K2 vitamin with MK7 promotes healthy function for all of these vital systems. K2 vitamin with D3? Now you've really got everything you need. Put an end to worrying about your appearance and give yourself that same pride and confidence again.
  • 100% KOSHER | Made in the USA: No more searching different sites and reviewing countless products to find the right match. Save all of that time by buying MaxiHealth's 100% kosher K2 vitamin supplement. Made right in the USA, MaxiHealth is the only store offering this state-of-the-art formula. The best part? Buying 2-in-1 saves you a lot of money too!

Publisher: Maxi Health

Release Date: 30-07-2016

Details: Reinvigorate Your Life With Our Vegan D3 Supplement!

The “super vitamin” for bones + K2 MK7 (the most active form of vitamin K)

We’ve combined the best vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supplement with vitamin K2 MK7 to create the ultimate supplement for healthy teeth, skin, bones, and heart. Feel the rejuvenation you’ve always dreamed of when you take our D3/K2 supplement. MaxiHealth’s products are all-natural, USA-made, and 100% Kosher. STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY WONDERING WHAT IS SAFE TO EAT.

Lack of energy, tooth decay, and muscle weakness could be a sign of a vitamin D3/K2 deficiency. Modern life makes people turn to D3 supplements to get the essential nutrients they need to live happy and healthy. Supplements vitamin D3 protect your body’s vital systems and keep you at your best.

We’ve combined the two most potent and usable nutrients for your bones and heart to make your life easier! Now you get ALL OF THE BENEFITS and NONE of the DRAWBACKS in one. Save time. Save money. Stay Kosher. Taking K2/vitamin D can work wonders!

Benefits of vitamin D/K complex:

  • 100% Kosher and Perfect for People Who Work Inside
  • Maintain Strong Bones and Muscles for Maximum Physical Conditioning
  • Regulate Heart Health
  • Get Your Old Energy Back
  • Fight Back Against Tooth Decay and Stop Hiding Your Smile
  • Metered Dispenser for Easy Intake
  • Tastes Great! Perfect for Kids

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